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Intelligent PoL buck regulators feature PMBus for precise control!

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MaxLinear has introduced a new line of intelligent PoL buck regulators with four current ratings for data center, networking, and wireless communications applications.

MaxLinear Inc. has introduced a new line of Intelligent point-of-load (iPOL) buck regulators for server, data center, networking, and wireless communications applications. The MxL76xxP series of step-down, synchronous regulators is comprised of four versions based on current ratings – 6 A, 12 A, 20 A, and 30 A).

MaxLinear MxL76xxP iPoL buck regulators

Click for a larger image. (Source: MaxLinear)

The MxL76xxP family delivers control and monitoring of all voltage rails in a single chip solution by integrating the output power FETs, control loop, and digital telemetry into a single small package. With the PMBus digital interface, the synchronous regulators support monitoring of input and output voltage and current while enabling control of all setpoints.

MaxLinear said performance and system thermals are optimized by adjusting the output on the fly as required with modern CPUs/ASICs using dynamic voltage scaling (DVS).

The devices operate from 3-V to 16-V inputs, supporting both data center distribution rails and PCIe cards. The integrated synchronous FETs rated for 6 A, 12 A, 20 A, or 30 A allow the right device to be selected for the application, optimizing the efficiency and cost of the solution, said MaxLinear. In addition, with the MaxLinear PowerArchitect GUI, the entire setup, control and monitoring of a design can be completed without external design components, which reduces development time and design complexity.

Samples can be ordered for the MxL7630P, MxL7620P, MxL7612P, and MxL7606P, with output current ratings of 30 A, 20 A, 12 A, and 6 A, respectively. They are available in 4 × 5.5 mm, 4 × 4.5 mm, 4 × 4 mm, or 4 × 3.5-mm QFN packages. MaxLinear showcased the MxL76xxP family at APEC in Booth #1606.

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